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    How to Improve Your Landscape and Gardens Before Showing Your Home

    Curb appeal is often neglected by sellers. So much attention is spent getting the inside of a home cleaned up that the outside is left until last. This is a mistake.

    Landscaping and gardens are the first things a prospective buyer sees. Following these tips ensures homes look their best and give a positive first impression.

    Spruce Up Your Mulch

    A fresh layer of mulch brings out the color in a garden and makes gardens look well-tended. Homes on the market in the spring, summer, or fall benefit from a fresh application of mulch prior to putting a home on the market.

    Clean Up

    Cluttered yards full of toys and tools are unattractive. Pick up any clutter and place it out of sight of prospective buyers.

    Branches, leaves, and other debris are equally unsightly. Rake leaves and eliminate brush to give lawns a clean, manicured appeal. This is important year round.

    Renting a power washer to clean driveways and walkways is also advisable. A clean drive and gleaming walkways invite prospective buyers to picture themselves strolling through the yard.

    Trim Grass and Shrubs

    Overgrown grass and shrubs look unkempt. Take the time to cut the grass and sweep or blow the clippings off of drives and walkways. Trim shrubs and trees to desired shape and height and clean up all trimmings.

    Don’t worry about trimming out of season. Well-manicured landscapes suggest that the rest of the house is equally well maintained.

    Fresh Plantings

    Add a little color in the garden to increase its appeal with some fresh flowers. A new planting ensures blooms look their best, especially against that new application of mulch.

    Tend To All Garden Beds

    This is the time to spruce up all garden beds. Remove weeds and trim up perennials to create a well-maintained appearance. Remove or trim back any plants that look dead or otherwise unhealthy.

    Address Water Issues

    Yards with fountains, faucets, pools, and irrigation systems require additional care. The time to fix issues is before the showing.

    Resolve any issues with irrigation systems. Clean fountains and pools of algae and leaves. Fix leaky faucets as they suggest issues elsewhere with plumbing.

    Fixing up the outside is just as important as a clean interior. Making gardens, lawns, and landscaping appear attractive and well maintained gives prospective buyers a positive first impression.

    Don’t wait until the day of the showing. Start working on landscape staging a month before putting a home on the market. Call a Toates Team real estate agent today for more staging tips.

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