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Monthly Archives: March 2016

    Remodeling 101: How to Create a Proper Budget for Any Renovation, Large or Small

    By Patrick Toates | March 18, 2016

    Whether you’re readying to put your home on the market or you haven’t updated your space in a while and want to modernize, approaching renovations can be a struggle. With so many things to fix up, both large and small, it can seem overwhelming to prioritize, set the money aside and get to work. If... Read More

    3 Ways You Can Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

    By Patrick Toates | March 7, 2016

    If your personal budget is similar to many other people’s budgets, your home mortgage payment is by far the largest expense that you pay for each month. In fact, this payment may easily account for 20 or 25 percent or more of your take-home income. Understandably, you may be focused on trying to pay this... Read More